Friday, March 7, 2014

3D Illustration -- Snow Crash Cover

3D Illustration: Snow Crash - Book Cover Mock-Up

Title: 3D Illusttration: Snow Crash - Book Cover Mock-Up
Medium: Clay, Mixed Media, Photoshop CS3

Notes: It's been a minute since anything related to this project has been shown, but this is the cover mock-up for a redesign on the Snow Crash cover.
I definitely feel like the sculpt and background could have been better. I'm still definitely learning clay. It's ALOT harder than I anticipated. But that's what we do as artists, try new things and then keep messing around until we - at least remotely - figure out what we're doing.
Anyway, this was fun regardless and the photographers that showed up to take pictures of our sculpts at the end, honestly, brought the magic! They were amazing!

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