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Commission Status: OPEN!


Now that I'm all graduated and whatnot, I'm willing to take on commissioned work. You can peruse my blog to find examples of my work as well as information about my process. To begin a commission, simply visit this page and fill out the applicable form and I will get back with you as soon as possible.


The following types of media are acceptable:

  • Digital Painting 
  • Acrylic or Gouache paints. 
  • Charcoal, Pencils, Ink. 

I have the ability to make many types of prints as well, such as 8" x 10" heavy-weight card stock, all the way up to large-format canvas prints of any of my work.

If you see anything you like on my blog, do not hesitate to ask me about format and pricing, we can most likely work something out!


Step 1: Setting Up a Commission: 

The commissions listed here are intended for non-commercial use and cannot be used as a means to earn money (so no merchandise, logo design, etc). They are intended strictly for individuals (not businesses) who would like to have a character-based illustration made. If you would like to inquire about non-commercial character illustrations, please send me an e-mail with as much information as possible about the kind of illustration you'd like, including any and all information which may be useful (refs, character descriptions, etc). If you would prefer to give little information and allow me more freedom in making the commission, that is fine too.

Additional note: Typically I'll ask that you provide me with a few examples to get me in the same place that your headspace is at. These will typically be things like a few examples of what kind of art you'd like the final to look like - stylistically, aesthetically, mood, etc. - and then, if applicable, any reference imagery that you have either purchased yourself or provided with photographs.

As for commercial work, I do take these as well, but we would have to further negotiate the terms for this type of work. For more information about this type of work, visit the Commission Request Form page and articulate what your project entails and I will contact you to get more details.

Step 2: Initial Sketching Phase: 

After the initial payment has been made, I will begin working on a first round of pencil sketches. I am initially comfortable with up to ten initial sketches. If you are still not entirely comfortable with the sketch, you are free to request changes in the following ways: up to two major revisions (such as different pose, different outfit), and any minor revisions (such as adjustment of hair length, different accessories, etc).

If the project entails more conceptual type work, I will submit no less than ten initial sketches.

Step 3: The Final Piece:

As soon as you are satisfied with the sketch, work begins immediately on the final piece. After receiving the final piece, you may request minor changes (adjustment of colors, minor tweaks), and when you are fully satisfied you will receive a large (printer-ready) version of the commissioned piece or, if requested, a physical print in the type of paper you are asking for at an additional cost.

If you would like to work out a traditional piece such as a painting or charcoal render, additional shipping will most definitely need to be applied.

Terminating the Commission:

IF, for any reason, you need to terminate the commission, you must pay for all of the artwork which has been made up to the point of termination, including rough sketches, linework, coloring, etc. I DO NOT offer refunds of deposits once we pass the first stage of the project. This is an undesirable situation, for all parties involved, so please make sure that you are 100% ready for a commission when you request it and be committed to the process once you begin!

Examples of Work:

The following list shows the commission types available plus an example image. For more examples of my work, please visit my website,

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