Sunday, October 12, 2014

So Many Things...

InkTober: Days 1 - 4 and then... 10

Title: InkTober: Days 1 - 4 and then... 10
Date: October 1 - 4 & 10
Medium: Ink
Scale: Varies

Notes: Okay... so... InkTober has come.
And I got real sick and.. excuses, excuses, blah blah...

Just saying that I'm on board. Just a bit laggy.



Title: Zoodles!
Medium: Ebony Pencil

Notes: Just a small sampling of the zoodles drawing that I've been doing since the beginning of the semester.

Mad Moxxi in Oils

Title: Mad Moxxi in Oils
Medium: Oils
Scale: Original is 9" x 12"

Notes: Oils are a hard thing to manipulate. If anyone has any tips on how to mix colors... I wish I had a tube of every color, ever...

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