Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Maxx!!!

So for an assignment that came up in Animation class, we were to pick a character that we enjoy, and then describe what makes that character unique and why we like it. We were to explain this in ten points.

  • Silhouette very "Raven or Crow"-like.
  • His proportions are very abnormal.
  • He wears an unusual mask.
  • He is actually a homeless person who believes he is in an alternate world.
  • He exists in two separate worlds.
  • Costume is kind of ridiculous, but most importantly, his boots are huge.
  • His alternate form is very Primal, almost tribal.
  • Along with the strange proportions, his muscles are humongous.
  • He protects a girl that is equally insane.
  • He's emotionally unavailable to everyone but the girl he protects.

Here's where you can watch the entire series:

The Maxx!!!

As well as to see more images of his... I will link them here though.

Not much... but there you go... I'll post my character designs next round.

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