Friday, January 20, 2012

School Started Again...

Well, school is back in full swing... and I think I almost passed out on myself yesterday from exhaustion. I forgot again what it's like to be in school. Today I have my six-hour colour theory class... that might be a bit insane!

Anyway... so I've been trying to help tutor a few people again at school. I hope this time that the advice sticks a little bit at least. Either way, I'll probably still keep trying to tutor people as often as I can. I'm just that kind of person... plus I think that you can only grow your own skill by passing what you've learned previously onto people that think you're doing well.

I've recently sent an app to join these guys: Zombies, Guns, 'n Swords! I think it would be an honor to join up with this group of talented folks. I think I would have to step my game up ten-fold to keep up though. I think my pencils might could compete... but those digitals are still a huge step above my pay-grade at the moment. But I'll keep on trying!!!

Well, here's the art, I gotta get ready for school!

Speed Practice

Title: Speed Practice
Date: January 18, 2012
Medium: Photoshop

Anatomy Study

Title: Anatomy Study
Date: January 18, 2012
Medium: Photoshop
Scale: Original is 3000px x 3000px

Notes: Anatomy studies are amazing, I think that they actually help me immensely with my drawing and painting... I have to do one of these for every chunk of the body, I think it will grow my skill ten-fold!

Character of the Week - 275: Loa of Love WIP

Title: Character of the Week - 275: Loa of Love WIP
Date: January 18 - 20, 2012
Medium: Photoshop
Scale: Original is 3000px x 3000px

Notes: Just trying again to actually pursue a character development as I'll really be diving into proper character design this semester with my animation class.

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