Wednesday, August 5, 2015

According to Plan

According to Plan

Title: According to Plan
Medium: Mixed Media

Notes: Now for something a little different... Typically I scan, retouch, etc. But I've been working on larger scale pieces lately, and this one was just too fun!

Ashley commissioned me to do a portrait of the Joker. No big deal right? Then she was looking at it when I got done, and she was like... "This frame just looks TOO basic. Let's fix that..."
Short car ride later, we come home with a frame, paints, sandpaper, and matte-paper. She then proceeds to grab the frame, analyze it and grab that sandpaper and scuff and scrape on the frame itself, giving it tooth and texture. Then she splatters paint all over it. It ends up looking really decorative and awesome. Then she grabs the paintbrush and writes all over the final piece.
I matte and frame it for her and we call it a day!

I'm wondering if she'd glitz up other frames.....

It's now sitting on my wall of what is slowly looking like it will become the DC Villains wall.
(In case you're wondering, the pieces - from clockwise, starting at top left - 

Gotham Girls by Garrie Gastonny
Harley Quinn by ME!
Two Loot Crate Exclusives)

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