Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Dr. Staten

Dr. Staten

Title: Dr. Staten
Medium: pencil, pastel
Scale: Original is 8" x 10"

Notes: Ashley went out the other day and I was just sitting here drawing the day away. I look over at my art supplies and simply shrug and go, "Welp, guess it's time to stop procrastinatering and start using these damn pastels..." Long story short, I decided to start doing a study in random colors just for fun. I'm drawing away, la-de-da, and in walks Ashley. 

She looks down at my piece that I'm working on and says, "Who is that? (eyes get bigger) That looks like Dr. Manhattan." I look down, not even fully realizing what I'd been working on, as I was just experimenting. 

"I didn't quite realize that he looked like that, but not that you mention it... he does kinda look like Dr. Manhattan doesn't he?" I respond.

"Nah..." she begins to walk out of the room, "that's obviously his brother, Dr. Staten Island." She responds, dripping with New York accent. 

My eyes get big and I literally cannot stop laughing.

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