Monday, January 29, 2018


At first you ignored us
Like we’re a passing fad
But then we raised our voices
And now you’re scared
Of all the power that we have
We’re coming for you
Now you can’t ignore us

We will stand
We will fight
We’ll take everything we need
We won’t lay down and die
This is who we are meant to be
There’s no second guessing


You call yourselves an army
You try to hold us back
But when the battle’s over
You’re going to see
All the power that we have


We’re coming for you
No, you can’t ignore like you did before

Sleeping Wolf – New Kings

Being a creative is empowering. Nothing is out of reach. As creators we are breathing life into every project that leaves our fingertips. Creation is our way of fighting back.

We’re at a point of time, which is always, truly there, but fluctuates with each Big Bad that tells us we can’t, or we shouldn’t, or we won’t. The truth of it is. We can, we should, we will. It seems though, that the world, collectively believes we have to yell to get our point across. The truth of it is, sometimes, it only takes a whisper. There isn’t a day that goes by that isn’t woven in our morals, and truths, and beliefs.

I’m here to tell you. You don’t have to yell. You just have to push. Every day. 

Yelling doesn’t make you stronger. Challenging yourself, and the way you think, makes you stronger.

Power may appear to come with money, and in a world domination sense, it does. I believe strongly though, that power comes through conviction. Your conviction. The same convictions that push you through your day. The ones that tell you to get out of bed, and go to your shitty job. Or get along with the mother/father of your children, for the children. To put in the time to hone your craft, pushing it past a hobby.

We shouldn’t ignore ignorance, but yelling doesn’t make it go away. It has to be outsmarted. It has to be carved through, not beat down, because the truth of it is: Ignorance will always exist. People can be taught, but that doesn’t mean they learn.

Sometimes, all it takes is a whisper.

The thing about a whisper is that it gets in the head of Ignorance. It frustrates Ignorance. Reaction is action. Not yelling, not arguing, or killing. A whisper is calm, but powerful. A whisper makes you think. A whisper is sneaky. A whisper is intimate.

A whisper is a song lyric, or a poem. A whisper is a piece of art, or the hero in a book. A whisper is the knowledge that the world is so much more than black and white.

“Raising your voice,” is a relative term. A phrase that begs to be explored. It can’t be taken at face value. Raising your voice is a mental act. A mental push to change, and grow, and teach.

My writing is my whisper. You can try to ignore it, but it still exists, and it still reaches someone. It can still teach someone.

My whisper is pushing the bounds of my creativity. My whisper is proving, through my words, that I can overcome the doubt. Not just the doubt of those around me, but my own doubt. My whisper is rooted in me. It grows from me. It spreads from me.

No one can quiet a whisper.

Be back soon, 
Ashley (Fictional Tortoise)

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