Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Metal Marionette #3

"Metal Marionette: Antoinette"
The final piece is a 20" x 30" digital painting. 

This is the second in a series of paintings that will be all based around an overall cyberpunk theme. I'm playing with the natural-to-unnatural balance in the images what with placing some of them in a very natural setting. In some ways I find this to be in juxtaposition to what we typically see. We usually see cyberpunk characters in ultra-high tech settings with tech on all sides. While I won't say this typical variety won't make an appearance, my favorite things to paint happen to be clouds and wires, so I ventured into both of these simultaneously.

Antoinette travels the Mississippi up and down on her barge, the wealthy allowed to journey along side. Her journey is the opposite of the world around her: quiet, relaxing; one of luxury. Few can afford her adventures, but few regret it afterward. 

(WIP Below as well as a bonus environment painting)



(Original sketch for Antoinette)

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