Wednesday, March 2, 2016

There's a Demon Inside

Title: There's a Demon Inside
Medium: Photoshop CS6
Scale: Original is 6" x 8"

Notes: Continuing on the vein of things that scare me...


I think that laziness sits on our shoulder every day. We just have to learn to shrug it off.

Lazy people tend not to take chances, 
but express themselves by tearing down other's work.
-- Ann Rule

On a pretty regular basis, I feel like I have to give a sort of pep talk to some creatives - trying to boost them up. I don't really mind it so much, and I think that Ashley says it right whenever she catches me trying to fall into a slump, "There are a million other people out there that aspire to do what you're doing. We both have to slog through the muck for awhile to get to where the people that we aspire to be, are." I think that a lot of creatives forget that there's a struggle there to get your work out there. Imagine if it did happen overnight - what would that say about the industry as a whole? I think that ultimately hard work is really what makes one go from being a simple hobbiest to a full-on creative.

There's a simple system that I try to follow to break laziness, and keep in mind, I'm a weird numerologist - so bear with me for just a second...

Take anything creative. This can be art, this can be writing, this really can be anything that you enjoy to do. Break it down into a 3-2-1 system.

For example here's what I try to follow every week (albeit I don't post them as often as I should, but that's another thing altogether).


3 - Fan Arts.
Typically this is what I do for my daily doodles. Every day, before I head to work I take a vote on who I should draw for that day during my lunch break. This is not only a way to keep me active at every moment that I have free - even during my full-time job - but to keep my pencil moving and continually find inspiration. I love when I get either obscure reference pieces to work on, or original thought pieces. Although these are a bit on the rarer side, they tend to push the limits of what can be done in approximately thirty minutes.

Just a small sampling of my lunch doodle entries...


2 - Digital Paintings.
These are pieces that I try to pump out to keep my table fresh whenever the next convention rolls around. I can also fit commissioned pieces in here - if life and the full-time job don't get in the way that is. As of late these have been fan arts mostly as well, but see my previous post about how to make a piece your own - no matter what it takes.


1 - Original Content.
This is really where the week gets difficult, and it's probably the hardest one to keep up with. But I try every week to come up with something that's purely my own - or rather ours (Ashley and I). These are where pieces like the one above pops up, or where Honor:Decoded came from, etc. These are probably the most taxing, but also the most rewarding. Without these, I would find that doing art is more just a hobby and a copy-cat exercise than anything else. What I mean is, without these pieces, it's hard really to express both your creative muscle and really to get the potential for client work. This is more-or-less my portfolio building exercise. Again, it's really hard to cram an original piece every week with working full time, but I really do try. Most of them I just can't show because they are either contest entries that have a deadline or annual entries or just personal pieces (these are luckily the ones that make it to the page the fastest).


This system can apply to just about any creative exercise... for example I was trying to talk Ashley through the process - and she's a writer - so we went through the 3,2,1 as - 300 pages of a book she likes a week, 2 daily prompt entries, and 1 original content piece. This is just an example and again, these aren't hard and fast rules, but they give you at least a primer to get you started.

And lastly... I can't leave you without a teaser for what's coming next...

Honor:Decoded making a comeback!

Hopefully this little chat got you a start to your day - and as always - for more work, check all over my blog and on one of the social media outlets listed to the right...

Until next time.

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