Monday, April 6, 2015

Now that BFA is finally over I can finally get back to my attempts at updating more often.

For those that won't make it to the show, I am going to go ahead and post my BFA show pieces here as well so that people can take a look.

All of these are from a potential graphic novel project. Hopefully you enjoy them.

Honor Decoded

Title: Honor Decoded
Medium: Photoshop CS6
Scale: Square - Originally 5" x 5", Rectangular - 17" x 5.5"

Notes: The digital realm has possessed the world we live in. Each and every day we are taken, mostly unaware, on a trip through this virtual world. After all, the world of human thought is not based on anything tangible, it's based entirely on digital code that our brain naturally executes. At the very core of our cellular level, we are all small transmissions of data, translated and interconnected by molecular machines that are ever-present in our bodies. These biological processes result in chemical reactions that we interpret as emotion.

My comfort level with the digital world has been extremely high for the majority of my life. It has been reinforced over time by my daily use of multiple media facets. The struggle is to link physical media, such as pencils and pens, with the digital painting techniques that I’ve developed. Through this struggle my process has evolved: I use physical media as my starting point. My digital paintings use brushes created by my hand that use tangible media such as pastel and oil paint. Each stroke and smudge is represented in the final pieces to show that digital painting can stand on the same legs as traditional painting.

I bridge the gap between physical and digital processes. I use a stylus in the same way that others might use a paintbrush. Ultimately, this process is meant to streamline the process of painting. There is no dry time, there is no limit to how many strokes can be made, and there is no muddying of the color. This leaves me the ability to experiment without the worry of making a mess.

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