Friday, January 31, 2014

3D Illustration: Y.T. Character Turn-around

Title: 3D Illusttration: Y.T. Character Turn-around
Date: January 28 - 30, 2013
Medium: Photoshop CS3
Scale: Varies

Notes: For our first assignment in 3D illustration we are to make a character from a book in clay.
I decided to go with a secondary character from Snow Crash. Y.T.

Initially we were to do a bunch of sketchwork to try and search for what we wanted the character to look like and then take some sketches and render out (fully and professionally) the character into a full orthograph view. Complete with Front, Side, and Back as well as any detail shots.
In addition, the images below are part of the style exploration and questions I asked myself during creation.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Comics 2: Aunt Shirly's Garden Adventure

Title: Comics 2: Aunt Shirly's Garden Adventure
Date: January 24 - 26, 2013
Medium: Photoshop CS3
Scale: Each 'page' fits to 8.5" x 11" 

Notes: This was an assignment for comics 2 in which we traded characters with one person, who wrote a script based on two separate characters and then that was handed off to another person to draw a comic based off of it. Confusing, I know!

When first approached with this concept, I really had no direction initially... All I was given was two character sketches (both radically different) and a quick write-up of a scene.

"Aunt Shirly  is going to visit her "little" nephew, Geoffrey.
She and her cats are making their way to Geoffrey's house when something in the garden scares the cats.
Shirly can't see what it is and is determined to hunt it down!!!
---- End page 1 ----
She busts inside to alert Geoffrey that she is going skeet shooting.
She's certain that's what scared her cats, and she's going to bring back it's head.
Geoffrey really does not want her to destroy his garden by tromping through it.
He's just prepared some drinks and everything if she will please calm down and come inside.
---- End page 2 ----
Alas, Aunt Shirly goes outside in search of the skeet and decimates the garden, only to return with a horrified squirrel.
Geoffrey is very upset."
It was fun, but took me quite a minute to even come up with a rough outline of what this was to look like. Either way, there are definitely more comics to come in the future!

Friday, January 24, 2014

So, at school I’ve been getting asked how I’ve been able to get where I am now… I think the following can literally sum up everything pretty much.

Here’s literally the way I got to where I am now: start here so that you know what a gesture is (if you didn’t already) apply the gesture idea here. I would suggest to start with the longest time you can (2-minutes I think?) and try and capture the essence of the figure as fast as possible.

From there I would try out the challenge modes here:

Next you can do real models here:

And finally, when you get comfortable being able to slap out gesture and even longer pose studies, I would suggest you do full-renders from here:

Of course, these are just for character design by the way.

Here’s everything else I got for you guys:

Other than that do Master Studies. Look to old masters like these:

and try your damndest to copy them.

OH and I almost forgot… the brushes.

Hopefully this will help someone… Happy painting. If you have any questions or whichever, you can always ask. I’ll try to respond as timely as possible :)

OH! Lastly… I followed this for awhile. It’s a bit intense, but it has a supply list and all that if you want to follow it exactly but that’s up to you.

It is a little intense though…

But yeah... I can't update without art... so here you go!

Green-Haired Madam

Title: Green-Haired Madam
Date: January 23 & 24, 2013
Medium: Photoshop CS3
Scale: Original is 2048px x 1326px

Notes: So this was an experiment really in field of vision painting. I was trying to see if I could make focal areas based on the rendered / looseness of the area of the painting. I think it came out okay, but I really need to play with that smudge tool a bunch more. It doesn't look as purposeful as I would have liked. Either way, I think the girl rendered out decently though.

As usual with my painting, I try to keep with as big of a brush for as long as I can, so initially this was painted at 25% zoom, and then as I painted I would get closer and closer rendering the focal points as much as possible. For example, her face and hands were painted at 100%.

And yet again, a tutorial gif... I hope this helps someone. Any questions or if you need anything clarified, toss up a comment.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Cora Turnaround

Title: Cora Turnaround
Medium: Pencil
Scale: Original is 9" x 12"

Notes: For our first 'official' comics assignment, we are to draw our first character in a turnaround (front, back 3/4, front 3/4) and then a few faces for studies, and any small notes that you have about the character. And then you are to fill out a fully fleshed out character bio for said character.
The bio is pretty long, so I'm not going to post it here, but let's just sum up... Cora is nuts.

Silhouette Challenge

Title: Silhouette Challenge
Medium: Pencil, Brush and Ink
Scale: Original is 9" x 12"

Notes: Just a small supplemental exercise to go along with our first character: shape design and silhouettes. Mine are pretty specific, but I tried to make my characters based simply off of the three core shapes: circles, triangles, and squares.
Either way these are actually really fun to do and I suggest that people do these really often!
Applied Studies

Title: Applied Studies
Date: January 19 & 20, 2013
Medium: Photoshop CS3

Notes: So... I was attempting something new: a master painting, and then immediately afterwards I would jump in and try to paint one using the techniques I just learned.
The portrait on the left is a Sorolla.
Using the strokes and brush work from the left, I tried jumping in and painting a portrait that was in a similar vein using the same brushes and strokes that I just used. This of course proved harder than expected. I think I will try more of this soon (as you can see from the half-started piece on the bottom left).

Environment Speeds

Title: Environment Speeds
Date: January 20, 2013
Medium: Photoshop CS3

Notes: Studying environments to +1 on them. Actually got this idea entirely from Lee Parks here. His are quite a bit better, but then I can honestly say that he studies environments far more than I do. Something that I should try and play catch-up on sometime soon.
It might not only help my characters from just floating in a space, but will most likely help my colors get closer to a more realistic palette instead of being quite off.

Here's Pinky, where's the Brain?

Title: Here's Pinky, where's the Brain?
Date: January 19, 2013
Medium: Photoshop CS3
Scale: Original is 1200px x 2000px

Notes: Yet again, more of those photostudies while listening to my madam read books. She's already on the third book of The Strain, and I highly recommend that people read it. It's AWESOME! :)


  • Step 1: Render Background some, this will help you to define your 'character space'.
  • Step 2: Sketch out the character in it's entirety (or at least what you plan to paint in later.
  • Step 3: Wash layer. Basically throw a quick wash over what your want the basic backdrop colors to be.
  • Step 4 & 5: Render, render, and more rendering.
  • Step 6: Because I was a little unsure of all the crazy jewelry and add-on stuff this girl had, I made a new layer and just popped it up there.

As always, any questions, ask 'em in the comments!

Anatomy (from Imagination)

Title: Anatomy (from Imagination)
Medium: Pencil

Notes: So, from the last time you saw some pencils, I have tried that mouth technique using no reference at all and have discovered that I can draw a mouth in pretty much any way using that technique. So I tried continuing on with the full head and even some body, and discovered that I need to go back to the drawing board even more before I can just spit these things out from imagination. More studies of shape design for sure.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Potential Logo Designs

Title: Potential Logo Designs
Date: January 14, 2013
Medium: Pencil
Scale: Original is 9" x 12"

Notes: We are assigned to create a series of logos for a potential company that could exist. 

Mission Statement: "We Bleed Inc. / Origin Entertainment is a full service studio serving up high quality creative endeavors on a client-by-client basis. We provide many outlets of creativity such as Illustration, Storyboarding, Animation Assets, Graphic Design, as well as Script Design, Screenwriting, Story Development and even Consulting to help get your project on it's way.
We Bleed Inc. / Origin Entertainment is located in the heart of Memphis, TN. As a result we are centrally located and have the ability to ship your project cross-country if need be.
Let us create for you so that you can be free of the burden that's been keeping you up at night."

Since there are two potentially companies, I have split between the two. Hopefully during feedback I will get a definite on one or the other.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I think that the logo is effective mainly because of it's simplicity.
Again, the simplicity is ultimately what makes this logo so memorable.
Because of the flourished text that is used throughout most of the logos in the rest of the game, I would have assumed that the main logo itself would have continued this tradition.
How would you approach the same concept?
I would have continued to look into the other logos that were designed for the game itself, such as Poseidon Plaza or Gatherer's Garden for a bit more flourish. Granted it's following suit with the time period of simple, straight-forward design. But I don't know, for how many other logos there are throughout the game that are over-the-top, I would have perhaps gone a bit further with the text treatment.

D&D has kind of always had good logo. Perhaps simplifying it down to just D&D could have helped some.
Definitely readable, the text isn't too far out there or anything.
Maybe a bit of simplification could have helped. I know I'm contradicting myself from the previous logo example, but I think I would go for a less wordy final logo. Especially since it's been simplified to D&D for so long.
How would you approach the same concept?
I think this could work very well as a simple vertical logo the the D&D done side-by-side with a sword cutting straight through the middle. The first D being backwards, the ampersand symbol being right over the blade just as above, and then the second D going forward like normal. It could have condensed the overall logo into just three characters.

The simplicity of the text treatment makes it hard to forget. 
The 'Hot Fresh' and 'Every Day' is kind of strange to be thrown in there. Realistically I think it could work as just simply 'Einstein Bros.'.
Just like I said, I would cut the 'Hot Fresh, Bagels, and Every Day' and make it simply Einstein Bros. I think that could make it a bit more iconic rather than simply making it a Bagel company. It might have been hard to do this though because it seems like that would already be trademarked somewhere else.
How would you approach the same concept?
I think I would have tried to make the characters that are in the center more a part of the actual wording of the logo. I mean, it's cool that they are using what looks like bagels as monocles, but I don't know, it seems like the text and image could be more married in some way.

It's a gear, in a box. Can it get more effective than that?
Seriously. Gear. Box. Done.
Not really much to improve here in my opinion. Maybe make it more 3-D perhaps? But that could possibly change it to GearCube... which isn't as cool.
How would you approach the same concept?
Perhaps one could try to implement the gear into the word box somehow. Marrying they two together so that it would be less space conscious. Really just throwing things out there to get more conceptualizing going.

This one I think might be the most obscure of the logos. But for some reason being a rooster just simply makes it memorable.
The obscurity makes it hard to connect with an art company, but the clarity of the image makes it so unforgettable that it basically gets burned into your mind.
I bet the design department threw this one all over the place. I'm thinking that maybe the design could have been more leading towards the type of company that it's associated with, but realistically how could you change the logo into something else?
How would you approach the same concept?
My initial thought was to create it into a simple "MB" but that gets pretty close to Milton Bradley. Perhaps changing the design into a more art-related icon could work. I would just play with things like pills and art supplies (don't ask me why I thought of pills - it just seems related).

This one is just clever. It's in the psychology building of the University of Memphis. It's a play on the Rorschach test combined with the Memphis tigers logo.
It doesn't really say anything about it being food related, but it's unforgettable just because of the silly word juxtaposition. 
I think it could be tied in some way to food.
How would you approach the same concept?
I think I would have made the tiger imagery more centralized or used splattered ink to create the words 'Roar Shack'. Plus I would have made the text black to simplify it even further.

Just like Gearbox above, this one is super simple. 'R'ock Star. Doesn't get much more simple than that.
The clarity of this is nice because of the simplicity.
I think it couldn't hurt to combine the two images a little better. 
How would you approach the same concept?
I think since most of the games that they create are geared around violence, street themes, etc. I think I would have gone less straight-forward with the logo and perhaps used it more like a spray paint stencil or something similar. I would have also tried to make the star look like it had shot out from the 'R' rather than just glued at the bottom.

This logo errs less on logo and more on just straight up illustration, much like the dungeons and dragons one above, but I love it. The text treatment could have worked a little better in a brighter blue in my opinion but that's just being nit picky.
The text is a little hard to read simply because of the color treatment, but I love the logo overall. Especially since the text has a black interior.
I would have changed the color of either the text to a blue or changed the backdrop scroll work to a blue to make the text pop even more.
How would you approach the same concept?
I still to this day wonder why they chose the skull for the logo, but I love the fact that they implemented a scroll with circuitry on it. I've been trying to mimic this logo forever mainly because of how damn awesome it looks, but let's see, how would I approach the logo design? I think I would have axed the skull perhaps and made the text spelled out in the circuitry. That way the entire image could be tied together instead of the text simply resting on top of some kick-ass art.

This one is just clever in my opinion.
I might sound like a dumb ass, but it took me a minute to really see it at first, but like the FedEx logo, once you see it, you can't un-see it.
This one is hard mainly because of how damn clever it is. 
How would you approach the same concept?
To be completely honest, this is the kind of clever decision making in my graphic work that I've been trying to do for years. This one wins in my book, and I'm not sure that I would be able to even compete with design choice like this. I would have probably gone a little more typical and just used a Spartan soldier somewhere in the text treatment. I know, no where near as clever, but there you have it.

A little bland in terms of text treatment, and the image and text are both separate, but it just looks nice.
The clarity is kind of thrown out the window since they are both so interchangeable, but I think it has a good artistic approach to logo design.
It could be interesting to combine the imagery with the words more so that they aren't so split up. I would have also either used the rock texture in the backdrop blue, or pulled the cloud texture down into the text. 
How would you approach the same concept?
I think it could have been interesting to use things like Dark Castle Entertainment's logo as inspiration for this one and tried to marry they two a bit closer. It's the same type of thought behind it, but it seems to make the two images a little more close in comparison. It could have been interesting to use the lantern as a tie-in element rather than the two separate elements seen here.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Title: Sass-a-Frass
Date: January 7, 2014
Medium: Photoshop CS3
Scale: Same as Above

Notes: Little portrait study using what I learned from drawing all of those noses and mouths. Might do well to do some cloth studies as well as some hair studies for a bit methinks. On a side note though, all this painting is prepping me up good for this semester. Digi-paints GOOOO!!

Edit: Made a tutorial of this one...

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Title: Creepiness
Date: January 5 - 7, 2014
Medium: Photoshop CS3
Scale: Varies

Notes: It's amazing what kind of weird stuff pop out when you listen to your fiancee read The Strain...

Anatomy Simplification Again

Title: Anatomy Simplification Again
Date: January 3 - 6, 2014
Medium: Pencil
Scale: Varies

Notes: Yet again, discovering more and more ways to simplify facial features. I'm sure more of this will keep coming up for some time to come.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Lap Painting

Title: Lap Painting
Date: December 31, 2013
Medium: Photoshop CS3
Scale: Same as Above.

Notes: Looking down, I noticed that my mouse in the distance and was being all reflective and whatnot, so to paint? I THINK SO!

Master Swordsman - Thus Far

Title: Master Swordsman - Thus Far
Date: December 23 - ?, 2013
Medium: Photoshop CS3

Notes: First few frames all animated out... many many more to come!

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