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Comics 2 -- Aunt Shirley's Garden Adventure

Comics 2: Aunt Shirly's Garden Adventure

Title: Comics 2: Aunt Shirly's Garden Adventure
Date: January 24 - 26, 2013
Medium: Photoshop CS3
Scale: Each 'page' fits to 8.5" x 11" 

Notes: This was an assignment for comics 2 in which we traded characters with one person, who wrote a script based on two separate characters and then that was handed off to another person to draw a comic based off of it. Confusing, I know!

When first approached with this concept, I really had no direction initially... All I was given was two character sketches (both radically different) and a quick write-up of a scene.

"Aunt Shirly  is going to visit her "little" nephew, Geoffrey.
She and her cats are making their way to Geoffrey's house when something in the garden scares the cats.
Shirly can't see what it is and is determined to hunt it down!!!
---- End page 1 ----
She busts inside to alert Geoffrey that she is going skeet shooting.
She's certain that's what scared her cats, and she's going to bring back it's head.
Geoffrey really does not want her to destroy his garden by tromping through it.
He's just prepared some drinks and everything if she will please calm down and come inside.
---- End page 2 ----
Alas, Aunt Shirly goes outside in search of the skeet and decimates the garden, only to return with a horrified squirrel.
Geoffrey is very upset."
It was fun, but took me quite a minute to even come up with a rough outline of what this was to look like. Either way, there are definitely more comics to come in the future!

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