Friday, January 24, 2014

Madam Green Hair

So, at school I’ve been getting asked how I’ve been able to get where I am now… I think the following can literally sum up everything pretty much.

Here’s literally the way I got to where I am now: start here so that you know what a gesture is (if you didn’t already) apply the gesture idea here. I would suggest to start with the longest time you can (2-minutes I think?) and try and capture the essence of the figure as fast as possible.

From there I would try out the challenge modes here:

Next you can do real models here:

And finally, when you get comfortable being able to slap out gesture and even longer pose studies, I would suggest you do full-renders from here:

Of course, these are just for character design by the way.

Here’s everything else I got for you guys:

Other than that do Master Studies. Look to old masters like these:

and try your damndest to copy them.

OH and I almost forgot… the brushes.

Hopefully this will help someone… Happy painting. If you have any questions or whichever, you can always ask. I’ll try to respond as timely as possible :)

OH! Lastly… I followed this for awhile. It’s a bit intense, but it has a supply list and all that if you want to follow it exactly but that’s up to you.

It is a little intense though…

But yeah... I can't update without art... so here you go!

Green-Haired Madam

Title: Green-Haired Madam
Date: January 23 & 24, 2013
Medium: Photoshop CS3
Scale: Original is 2048px x 1326px

Notes: So this was an experiment really in field of vision painting. I was trying to see if I could make focal areas based on the rendered / looseness of the area of the painting. I think it came out okay, but I really need to play with that smudge tool a bunch more. It doesn't look as purposeful as I would have liked. Either way, I think the girl rendered out decently though.

As usual with my painting, I try to keep with as big of a brush for as long as I can, so initially this was painted at 25% zoom, and then as I painted I would get closer and closer rendering the focal points as much as possible. For example, her face and hands were painted at 100%.

And yet again, a tutorial gif... I hope this helps someone. Any questions or if you need anything clarified, toss up a comment.


  1. Hey man, just wanted to point some things out to you that you seem to be overlooking. That being the fact that everything you're painting is -very- desaturated, and you're robbing yourself of a lot of the subtleties of skin and color itself due to that. Additionally, especially in the eyes, you're still drawing them as icons of eyes. You didn't have the ref posted, so I had to work from what you put up, but I wanted to do a quick paintover of the face to show you the difference. Things were seemingly a bit misaligned on the face you put up, so I picked one spot and redid the structure as well. I think your values are starting to get there, though you go a little too high in value too fast typically. It could be the photo, but this is something I've been noticing in all your studies and such. Anyway, it's not as good as I'd like it to be 'cause I had to do it as I'm walking out the door, but here you go. Hope that helps, bud. Shoot me a message if you wanna talk more about it. We need to hang sometime soon.

    1. If you post the ref up, too. I could assess it more accurately.


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