Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Animating this Chick-a-dee!

So sleepy, so I'm just going to post what I've been up to... will talk more tomorrow or something...

Cora Sample Turnaround

Title: Cora Sample Turnaround
Date: February 8, 2012

Notes: Unfortunately I have to animate the hands and hair separately (as they are all hand-drawn). So this is the 'orthographic' view of Cora.

Frankenstein's Monster

Title: Frankenstein's Monster
Date: February 8, 2012
Medium: Photoshop
Scale: Original is 3000px x 3000px

Notes: Ashley has been reading me Frankenstein, so I decided to try my hand at a 'master study' of the monster from Mary Shelly's Frankenstein. I think that's Robert DeNero, but I'm too lazy right now to look it up hahaha....

Life Anatomy Again

Title: Life Anatomy Again
Date: February 6, 2012
Medium: Graphite
Scale: Original is 9" x 12"

Notes: More life drawing and some imagination stuff.

Ashley's Countenance

Title: Ashley's Countenance
Date: February 6, 2012
Medium: Graphite
Scale: Original is 3" x 3"

Notes: I was actually all set-up for a serious, long-term study... but then I discovered that we were done reading for the day in like 20-minutes... OH! By the way: The most annoyingly-overused word in Frankenstein: "Countenance". Read the book and you too can be annoyed with that word!

Still-Life Study in Ink

Title: Still-Life Study in Ink
Date: February 2, 2012
Medium: Stick and Ink
Scale: Original is 9" x 12"

Notes: Really loving the Stick and Ink studies...

Cora 3/4 Test

Title: Cora 3/4 Test
Date: February 4, 2012
Medium: Graphite
Scale: Original is 9" x 12"

Cora 3/4 Test (color)

Title: Cora 3/4 Test (color)
Date: February 4-5, 2012
Medium: Graphite / Photoshop
Scale: Original is 9" x 12"

Notes: A color comp for my character. Testing some things.

Cora Animation Sample

Title: Cora Animation Sample
Date: February 8, 2012

Notes: This part of the character is fully rigged, I'm going to do replacement animation for the hands (which is why they look like jumbles). It can be posed in any way.

Well... that's all for now. I think I'm going to fall in bed now.

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  1. "Ashley's Countenance" is beautiful and an example of perfection in drawing - if you want my opinion. Very interesting how you are "building" Cora with her hands drawn separately. I have not read Frankenstein but find the story intriguing, I am sure the word "countenance" will get on my nerves from severe over usage.


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