Monday, June 25, 2012

ChoW Y'all

Finally did a Character of the Week. Pretty much spent the last couple of days painting and sketching.

Nothing really new to report.

ChoW # 293 -- The Keymaster

Title:  ChoW # 293 -- The Keymaster
Date: June 22 - 25, 2012
Medium: Watercolor / Gouache
Scale: Original is 9" x 12"

Notes: My final sketch for's character of the week.  Honestly... this is the first time I've ever painted traditionally with a purpose. It was awesome! I want to do a ton more of this.

Here's the brief: 

 The Keymaster 
Design the great Keymaster of the Seven Halls!!
DEADLINE: SUNDAY 24th June 8PM GMT+1 (9PM British Summer Time)
Check your timezone!

In the middle of The Old Lands, sits the capital city; a glorious and beautiful place with seven magnificent halls at it's centre, one for each of the elements of the Gods; Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Light, Dark and Magic. The entrance to each hall is blocked by an enormous door which can only be opened using a special key. Each key, is unique for each door, and is in itself a symbol for the element it protects.

There are no kings or lords in the capital, and the highest position in the land is that of the Keymaster. This role is one that cannot be bought, won, or inherited; instead when one keymaster dies, they are replaced with a child born at the exact moment of death of the previous one. Keymaster's are born with completely white eyes, however they are not blind. Their eyes allow them to see the truth in people, and determine if they are worthy to enter any of the halls.

Keymaster's carry all seven keys on them at all times, bound to them with a chain made of gold.

Your task this week if to design a Keymaster. They can be any age and any gender, but the importance of their role and title must be evident in their design.

The Guidelines:

  • Can be male or female
  • Can be any age
  • Does not have to be human - This could be an alien planet!
  • Must carry seven 'keys' on a golden chain - each representing a different element
  • They are not a king but hold the highest position of power
  • Must have white eyes
  • The style, time and genre is entirely up to you.

ChoW # 293 -- The Keymaster - WIPs

Title:  ChoW # 293 -- The Keymaster - WIPs
Date: June 22 - 25, 2012
Medium: Graphite, Gouache, and Watercolor
Scale: Original is 9" x 12"

Notes: Just my works in progress for the piece above.

Chut Up!

Title:  Chut Up!
Date: June 22, 2012
Medium: Graphite
Scale: Original is 9" x 12"

Notes: Playing around with some character design for this week's ChoW

More Hands

Title:  More Hands
Date: June 22 - 23, 2012
Medium: Graphite
Scale: Each image is 9" x 12"

Notes: Just continuing my study with my weakest parts -- hands and feet.

Ashley, from Life

Title:  Ashley, from Life
Date: June 22, 2012
Medium: Watercolor and Gouache
Scale: 3" x 3" Canvas Board

Notes: She got me these awesome tiny easels and canvases that were only 3" x 3". So I took them out and finally decided to try painting on them. This was soooo fun! Life painting is a TON harder than from reference.

Pin-Up Start 2

Title:  Pin-Up Start 2
Date: June 21, 2012
Medium: Graphite
Scale: 9" x 12"

Notes: Here's the second, more enticing version, of that pin-up girl commission. Lots more to do on this, especially since he wants in colored pencils.

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