Saturday, May 3, 2014

3D Illustration -- Wrap-Up

3D Illustration: Wrap-Up

Title: 3D Illusttration: Wrap-Up

Notes: So, at the end of every semester we are supposed to do a (per-class) wrap-up of all that we did during the semester. Here's my booklet for everything done in 3D Illustration. I learned a ton in this class, met some great people, and ultimately discovered that I love clay, but it's hard as hell! So besides personal experiments and things, I think I will still stick with my traditional illustration for now.

Oh, and I also just recently discovered that Gears won for the Best in Class show!!!! You can actually see more details below and if you want to actually see the piece check the dates as well and go check it out! This blew my mind!

Best in Class Artists Announced
The list of artists selected for the Best in Class 2013/2014 exhibition is out! Artists were selected through faculty nominations. Each department head nominated four works from their respective departments from the past academic year. The exhibition will be on view in the Main Gallery from May 17 through July 11.
Selected artists include Jade Thiraswas, Zachary Lyles, Amanda Weidman, David Hook, Kandace Fuller, Carolina Salcedo, Mary Weber, Philip Rule, Machel Kazungu, Aminah Williams, Alexander Swilley,
Samantha Nemazie, Joshua Strydom, Matthew Ton, Rachel Stovall, Lindsey Sullinger, Spencer Laws, Ben Hancock, Jessica Vandenberg, Laura Miller, Glenn Buxton, Julie Bartlow, Ruby Zielinski, Shoni Campbell, Margaret Perez, Cecilia Reed, Colton Berretta, Mathew Kaminski, Robby Berretta, Emily Miller, April Rodriguez, Jefferson Muncy, Kelly Cook, Barrett Smyth, Nialah Brathwaite, Ashlyn Richey, Nicole Trimble,
Vanessa Gonzalez, Lyman Anderson, Christian Brown, LeKeishya Alexander, Caenina Moore, Natalie Jackson, George Brooks, Joni Miller, Mary Shore, and Elizabeth Davis.

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