Thursday, August 14, 2014

Pre-School Experiments

Birthday Present for Mimi

Title: Birthday Present for Mimi
Medium: Gouache on Illustration Board
Scale: Original is approx. 8" x 10"

Notes: Ashley came up to me not too long ago and was like... "You should do this painting for Mimi." She proceeded to describe what she thought would look good and I was like... TIME FOR REFERENCE. And so here is the result. 
The puppy pictured is our little papillon, "Gypsy". This was for a birthday present. :)

Supernatural: Mini-Paintings

Title: Supernatural: Mini-Paintings
Medium: Gouache on Illustration Board
Scale: Each painting is approx. 3.5" x 4"

Notes: Just using reference and exaggerating it for fun. Really just practicing traditional painting. Taking reference and just pushing it hard.

Fantasy Character Portrait A

Title: Fantasy Character Portrait A
Date: August 14, 2014
Medium: Photoshop CS6

Notes: I was staring at the old Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale character portraits that were done some time ago, and was like... I want to try that! So this is just my first attempt at a fantasy character portrait done in that style. Trying to see if I can manipulate reference for my own purpose while still keeping my painterly style. I think this was a pretty successful attempt...
The comic version in my opinion just looks so graphic and awesome. It was just a play with the filters and managed to make it look sweet! More on this soon...

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  1. I love the Birthday Present for Mimi! It reminds me of Bobby Spillman's work (at least in subject matter).
    Hey, there's a drawing group meeting today at the Dixon, we're going to sketch Nick Pena's show there. It's at 4, but I think you do have to pay admission. I forget to invite you to things because you're not on Facebook. :(


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