Friday, April 25, 2014

3D Illustration -- Gears

3D Illustration: Gears

Title: 3D Illusttration: Gears
Medium: Mixed Media

Notes: For the final 3D illustration project we were allowed to work in teams and had to create more-or-less a scene and storyboard.

I looked to my right immediately and there was instantly like a silent agreement between Colton, Rob, and I. So off we went, just throwing around suggestions and different ideas. I think somewhere in there I was like, "Let's do a self-portrait of ourselves as adventurers trying to break into a dungeon." <we all shook our head pretty quickly to that> So we kept scribbling and searching for ideas, and I just kinda toss out this idea of, "Hey... what if we were to do robots. DRUNK ROBOTS!" <again, we all shook our head and kind of had a laugh> There was a silence over us for a few minutes. I think there was a certain hive mind brewing for a minute about this. And then I think it was Rob that looked over and was just like, "Well... what if we did Wall-E as a wanted poster.", to which I responded, "Yeah, he would be wanted for Grand Theft because he's constantly putting shit in that little drawer of his!" <laughter ensues> And literally from that moment, the project's scope just grew and grew. Looking back, I wonder if this project is a testament to see just how far and ridiculous we can go with a project.

Regardless, it was incredibly fun! I also think that after the fact, Rob looked at us and was like... I think I want to make an entire city of this stuff! Potential for future team-projects? We shall see...

So here's the breakdown of who did what:

Mat Kaminski - passed out drunkard robot,  bar stools, and all the advertisements and posters on the wall.
Colton Beretta - the bartender and all the accessories to the bar - cups, bottles, mugs.
Rob McElhaney - "wrestler bot", and the bar itself, and gears logo.



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