Monday, June 16, 2014

Portrait Experiment

Portrait Painting Experiment

Title: Portrait Painting Experiment
Date: June 16, 2014
Medium: Photoshop CS6
Scale: Original is around 1400px x 2100px

Notes: I was trying to experiment with making digital look even more like traditional. There are so many textures that appear when you paint on a canvas that is really hard to mimic digitally. Either way, it was a fun experiment.
OH! And I was also trying to mimic John Larriva and the way he paints... but of course he's more fluid with his strokes of the paint brush.

Original ref:

Title: Friday: Anatomy - Legs
Date: April 6 & 13, 2014
Medium: Photoshop CS6

The Rogue (WIP)

Title: The Rogue (WIP)
Date: June 15, 2014
Medium: Photoshop CS6

Notes: Earlier I started to paint a character archetype - The Druid. This is the second archetype, A rogue - specifically a fencer. It's planned that the arm-piece for her offensive arm (the rapier) would billow out so that it would be somewhat confusing as to which direction the sword would be coming from. It's still just a work in progress, but this is the start.

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